425. Grow Your Brand & Make Pivoting Your Superpower with Jessica DeRose

Mar 7, 2022 | Interviews, Podcast

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My good friend, Jessica DeRose, has gone through multiple transformations in her life. From a career as a teacher, transitioning into the fitness industry, and now helping entrepreneurs create massively successful courses, she’s pivoted a number of times. She’s even pivoted her name, transitioning her personal brand from her maiden name, Jess Glazer, to the new persona of Jessica DeRose.

But don’t mistake these changes for indecision. They are strategic, necessary pivots that have led her to the life of her dreams. She shares how to make a leap of faith, view pivoting as a superpower, how to grow your brand online, and what it’s like to shift your online identity.


In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [02:30] How to quit going through the motions and take a leap of faith
  • [07:54] Not viewing pivots as failures
  • [12:37] Finding something to connect to
  • [15:20] What new business owners should avoid doing
  • [17:29] Growing your own brand online
  • [19:40] Putting strategic constraints around your business
  • [23:21] Following your own path, even if it puts you into new situations
  • [37:17] Experiencing RV life and knowing when to land
  • [42:30] Making an online identity shift and growing into a new version of yourself
  • [46:16] Rapid-fire questions




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