446. How to Build Your Empire Using Boring Businesses with Codie Sanchez

May 30, 2022 | Interviews, Podcast

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Some people want their work to be their passion—something they love that lights them up and makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. But that’s hard, because the things people tend to be passionate about aren’t always the biggest money makers. But there’s a different path: Codie Sanchez’s path. She believes that most people would be better off buying boring businesses—laundromats, parking lots, mobile home parks—and using that money to live a rich life outside of your business. It’s easier, more accessible, and very profitable. We talk about how to get started with boring businesses, how you can use that income to leverage the life you want, and the freedom that comes with having enough income.


In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [02:14] Codie’s childhood environment
  • [03:59] How working as a journalist informed Codie’s future work
  • [08:49] The one conversation that changed the trajectory of Codie’s life
  • [11:41] Finding where the billions are made
  • [16:14] The sexy-boring continuum
  • [19:58] Leveraging a boring business to support your lifestyle
  • [28:51] When enough is enough and the drive to work
  • [37:40] Leveraging the audience lever
  • [39:51] How building up your bank account can free your thinking
  • [43:19] Rapid-fire questions




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