021: Amanda McVey | Behind The Scenes At Bulletproof Labs

Apr 23, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

Amanda McVey is running the new Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica, where they use the most cutting-edge, science-backed technologies available to help people achieve the highest state of physical & cognitive performance.

Or, as they like to say, “To put it simply, we help people kick more ass.”

Disclaimer: The information in this episode is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [4:00] What led Amanda to Bulletproof Labs
  • [6:10] Why Dave Asprey created Bulletproof Labs
  • [9:15] Dave Asprey: master marketer or mad scientist?
  • [11:40] What is biohacking?
  • [14:00] The three categories of the Lab’s machines: mind, body, and measure
  • [20:45] When Tony Robbins came into Bulletproof Labs (& why he loves the atmospheric cell trainer)
  • [35:45] Tracking your progress using data
  • [41:30] What IV’s they have & when they’re effective
  • [43:40] The payment system at Bulletproof Labs
  • [46:50] How Amanda’s thinking has shifted since working at Bulletproof Labs

What is Bulletproof?

Bulletproof is best known as the company that got people to start putting butter in your coffee, but they do a whole lot more than that.

Dave Asprey, the man who founded Bulletproof and wrote The Bulletproof Diet, is one of the first online entrepreneurs; he sold the first item to ever be sold online, a t-shirt with the caffeine molecule on it.

Dave then started applying his tech skills to the body, becoming one of the premiere biohackers in the health & wellness space. Bulletproof Labs is the next logical step in his grand biohacking experiment.

Measurement, Mind, & Body

The first thing you’ll do when you enter Bulletproof Labs is measurement. For people who really want to dig in, their nurses can take your blood to look at your hormones, inflammation, macronutrients, and telomere length, in addition to things like your weight, cell health, stage of ketosis, executive brain function, coordination, and more.

After they have that data, they are able to make really comprehensive training decisions for that specific individual.

This is because Bulletproof Lab’s goal isn’t fixing the outside of your body – they want to train you at a cellular level, because when your cells are healthy, everything else improves as a side effect.

“At Bulletproof Labs, we really do believe that every person who walks through our doors is already perfect. They have the full capacity to do anything that they could ever want, and our job is simply stripping away limiting beliefs, stripping away inflammation, and giving them more access to their own capacity.”


Connect with Amanda on IG: @myfavworkout

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