Architect Your Dream Life.
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In 10 weeks you will have the EXACT BLUEPRINT to

create your dream life, including:

Clarity on EXACTLY what you want to have/be/do in next 12 months.

The #1 reason many entrepreneurs don’t reach their goal is because that don’t know what they REALLY want. They allow society, friends and other people’s success influence them. CLARITY precedes momentum, so this is where we will start!

A budget REAL number that will fund your Dream Life.

Too often entrepreneurs say “I want to make 6-figures, 7-figures” or some arbitrary number. We’re going to get to the number that it REALLY will take to allow you to live a life of complete fulfillment.

You will have a “No Longer Willing to Tolerate” burn list.

You get what you tolerate. Together, we are going to face your internal demons and compile a list of the things in your life that you are DONE with tolerating. This will free up your mental bandwidth and propel you into positive momentum.

You will have a NEW Community of Peers

It takes a village! Connection is so important, as the life of an entrepreneurs can be so lonely. Having a group of like-minded, entrepreneurial and positive peers is a game-changer for anyone’s life, and business.

A Perfect Day VISION that will accelerate your manifestation.

If your VISION doesn’t move you, you’ll NEVER move the needle. TRUST US, we’ve been there. We will guide you to create a one-page, descriptive VISION of your Perfect Day that will becme the key component to manifestat your Dream Life.

A custom Manifestation Routine that WILL yield results.

We know exactly what allows the momentum of manifestation to flow, and we know what makes it stop. We’re opening up our toolbox so you can sort through our tools to find the tools that serve you and your daily routine.

A Stupid Idea Time Brainstorm List

Our game of Stupid Idea Time is the perfect way to brainstorm a list of ideas to take your current business to the next level or even start a new one. We use this method constantly when we’re in the creation process. This is a key component to reverse engineer how to fund your Dream Life.

Our Go-To Decision Making Matrix

For the last decade, we’ve used this simple, and effective system to problem solve and mitigate some of the biggest (and smallest) decisions in our life! We will train you on the decision making matrix and it’ll will help you problem solve, evaluate upsides and mitigate downsides, forever.

Why us?

Simple. We’ve done it. Multiple times.

We have reinvented ourselves more than Madonna and have acquired transferable skills to help you. We created a reproducible formula that got us out of our brick-and-mortar business and into living our fairy tale life in Florence, Italy.

We have over 15 years experience helping people live a life that they can’t wait to wake up to.

We are EXPERTS in not just creating a VISION for our life…but in turning that VISION into a REALITY.

Here’s What You Will Get

Bi-weekly Live Zooms with Rob & Kim for 10 weeks

Join Rob and Kim LIVE for a bi-weekly Zoom call. During each call we will walk you through that week’s topic, do a Q&A and hot-seats as needed.This format is intentionally bi-weekly to allow you adequate time to process the information and complete your homework.

Private Whats App Group with Access to Rob & Kim

To make sure we’re connected between live meetings, we will have a private Dream Life What’s App group specifically for sharing information, clarifying content and answering your questions during the 10 weeks.

Dream Life Digital Workbook

We have put together the perfect digital workbook to allow you to follow our program step-by-step and have ALL of your thoughts, notes and decisions in ONE place. The best part, is once you go through our 10 week program, as your Dream’s change, you can use this guide to create your next evolution!

Dream Life Excel Budget

The Dream Life Excel Budget is one of our most powerful tools. Often, as driven entrepreneurs, we arbitrarily create an income goal to chase. Once we unlocked this piece of the puzzle, we realized the pressure we were putting on ourselves was unfounded, and worse, the stress was working against us. This budget gave us piece of mind and a REAL target!

4 Exclusive Expert Resource Videos

Regardless of the type of business you choose to create or uplevel to fund your Dream Life, there are certain skills needed to make it successful! – Rob interviewed EXPERTS in Reels/TikTok, Facebook Ads, Community List Building and YouTube/Apps to get honest and actionable information to help accelerate your business into this online space!

Rob & Kim’s Personal Resource List

We have put together all our favorite go-to resources that have helped us create our Dream Life! Including…

– Collection of Abraham Hicks Audios
– Social Media Video/Editing Apps
– Must Read Book List
– Go-to Productivity Tools
– Meditation Resources

Early Bird BONUS #1

Lifetime Access to Our Dream Life Business Accelerator Video Series!

(value $495)

15 Dream Life Accelerator Videos from Rob & Kim

This video series covers much of our Dream Life material from our Live Zooms, but in a format that allows you to pause, rewind and rewatch as needed!

5 Exclusive Interviews with Top Entrepreneurs

In this video series, Rob interviews top entreprenuers the following fields to spark your creative juices and give you insight into possibilities.

– Online Membership Programs
– Real Estate
– Online Courses
– Life Coaching
– Social Media Marketing

Early Bird BONUS #2

30 minute Zoom with Rob & Kim!!

(value $1,000)

Get a one-on-one Zoom with Rob & Kim to create an custom action plan upon mastermind completion.

To earn this bonus you MUST:


Enroll by December 31st @ 11:59 EST

Complete the Dream Life Workbook During the 10 Weeks

Play FULL out for 10 weeks!

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Dream Life Virtual Mastermind – Early Bird Discount

SAVE $1,000 and get a $1,495 value in Bonuses!

  • Bi-weekly Live Zoom Calls with Rob & Kim
  • Private WhatsApp Group
  • Dream Life Digital Workbook
  • Dream Life Budget
  • Dream Life Expert Video Series
  • Rob & Kim’s Personal Resource List
  • Early Bird BONUS 1: LIFETIME Access to the Dream Life Business Accelerator Video Series
  • Early Bird BONUS 2: 30 min Zoom with Rob & Kim to create an ACTION plan upon course completion

Early Bird Discount ENDS Dec. 31st


Dream Life Virtual Mastermind  Price Increases Jan 1st

  • Bi-weekly Live Zoom Calls with Rob & Kim
  • Private WhatsApp Group
  • Dream Life Digital Workbook
  • Dream Life Budget
  • Dream Life Expert Video Series
  • Rob & Kim’s Personal Resource List