002: Chris Harder | How Thinking BIG Brought Him From Broke To Multiple 7 Figures

Mar 3, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

Chris Harder is an entrepreneur, business strategist and philanthropist. He’s also the host of the “For the Love of Money” podcast. He and Rob talk about zero to hero, cultivating a millionaire mindset and running with the right tribe for success.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:02] Chris starts out by sharing a low point in his life. He and his wife were low, broke and out of shape, so he addressed his habits, priorities and social behavior to get the life he wanted.
  • [5:57] Chris shares the point at which he realised he didn’t have the life he thought or wanted, and started to ask important questions. It began at a Landmark Forum course. He then chose to read 30 books in 30 days and found the focus to take a good situation to great. He also explained how his wife Lori was excelling and how he had to keep up!
  • [9:30] Good to great” Chris shares how he is stepping up from good to great in every way.
  • [10:48] Chris explains how his wife tricked him into a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, taking him outside his comfort zone and causing him to re-address his ideas, challenge the judgements he was making and just give things a chance!
  • [19:42] Rob thinks Chris is the most positive person he knows, but how did he come across those beliefs? We go back 11 years to understand the journey Chris went on to re-framing himself after the tragic death of a former colleague. These days, Chris aims to be happy all the time and chooses to face each day with this attitude.
  • [25:54] Rob quizzes Chris on the biggest challenges in his money mindset’, including his work towards a sense of abundance and childhood influences around money and finance.
  • [28:18] How to break out of the middle class landscape? Don’t take advice from your middle-class friends and family, says Chris. He also shares his thoughts on how unuseful it is to take advice from unhappy people and why it’s a mistake to let ego control your financial future.
  • [31:40] Being a giver: Chris remembers the giving nature of his parents and how this has shaped his drive to share and give back to his community. He and Rob discuss how parenting can influence a generous nature in children.
  • [33:27] To listen or to lecture? Removing the ego from a response or listening act helps us discover the answers inside of us.
  • [35:02] Chris is frank about the decisions that people make which prevent them from living their dreams. Not thinking big enough, running with the wrong tribe, and having habits that hold you back.
  • [37:38] Surrounding yourself with thinkers, that adjust your perspective, opens up new possibilities to what your mind can be.
  • [37:00] Love is a verb: Chris shares his take on love and marriage and how the ongoing effort to make things work is a mutual project. Then he explains how his financial worth went from six figures to zero at the time of the recession, and how he pulled himself back out, with a little help from family, as well as, how he learned a lot about himself and his values.
  • [48:41] Chris explains how he’s applying the Fun, Easy, Elegant solution in everyday life, from the little things to big decisions.
  • [51:06] From holidays to cutoff times for business calls, Chris shares his non-negotiables for being the best version of himself.
  • [53:34] Chris takes your questions.
  • [59:01] Rob shoots some rapid fire questions at Chris for his top recommendations and ideas right now.


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