003: Mike Zeller | Reverse Engineering Success In Business & In Life

Mar 3, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

Mike Zeller is a business architect – as in – he interprets people’s motivations and desires to help turn businesses into perfect convergences of their founder’s skill sets, values and ambitions. He helps businesses work on strategy to achieve a model that lets them work hard and play hard!

Strategy, ideation, architecting and connection.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [2:12] Mike explains his ‘cocktail party’ description of what he does.
  • [4:15] Mike runs through his active businesses, from fashion to real estate and augmented reality. His interests range far and wide.
  • [7:15] Mike explains how he keeps focus with so many different businesses to balance, and he thinks it comes down to being a ‘creator’ who just gets bored with one thing at a time!
  • [9:23] Rob outlines the 5 different personality tests that Mike had him take in one brainstorm session, and Mike explains how a range of tests gives the best picture of a person and their business and ultimately helps founders and entrepreneurs play to their strengths.
  • [12:43] Rob reflects on some of the learnings that Mike helped him revolutionize his life and work.
  • [14:47] Giving everyone a role to live their genius: Mike outlines the concept that a project only needs to be at 80% at any given time as in Dan Sullivan’s book, “The 80% Approach.” Rob shares how this worked for him at his chiropractic practice.
  • [20:09] Mike explains how the top 4% of a company brings in 64% of a company’s revenue and how you can apply the 80:20 principle over and over to grow a partnership.
  • [22:40] Mike explains the process for and how he takes his clients on a ‘hero’s journey’, creating a narrative journey for clients as well as helping them find their avatar and ‘ideate’ on this. – [27:54] Mike tells Rob about his experience of Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership, taking the risk and doubling his net worth and income. His experience of moving into environments beyond his comfort zone helped him see himself entirely differently, shifting his mindset, actions and decisions.
  • [31:30] Masterminds, learning from different thinkers, a book a week, working out, meditation. These are Mike’s secrets towards being in the top 1%. Leaders are readers!
  • [34:59] Mike explains strategy, structure, systems, and support and how they can play into a company’s limitations and potential, in addition to the mindset of the company owner. He explains how changing that can change everything.
  • [36:46] Rob explains the journey he went on when being interviewed for his professional bio and his experience, first hand, with the genius of Mike’s team. They chat about Mike’s natural aptitude for finding the best people to make his team amazing. It all starts with creating an inspiring vision from the job description and the 6 questions he always asks. He also shares his job description for an executive assistant which CEOs and recruiters have used hundreds of times as a template.
  • [42:52] Mike explains some of the harder times in his business growth journey and how he worked through them. He used prayer and habits that fed his mind to work through the difficult times. He also shares the things he’s working on as a leader.
  • [46:44] PLAY HARD Mike took a mini sabbatical to Argentina in 2010 and loved the break from the norm, but most of all enjoys the mental space that travel permits, allowing room for epiphanies and the billionaire mindset to flourish.
  • [49:36] Mike explains what he loves about life, culture and creative energy in LA, the pattern-breaking benefits of traveling, and the importance of play and fun!
  • [51:54] Fear of heights? Mike tackled his by skydiving and being told to just ‘loosen up bro’ by his tandem jumper!
  • [53:57] Mike shares his recommendations for what to read, watch, and see.

Mike’s 5 Top Reads

  1. 4 Hour Workweek
  2. Power of Full Engagement
  3. War of Art
  4. The 80% Approach
  5. Blue Ocean Strategy


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