007: Jen Esquer | The Master of Mobility

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As I get older, I’m always looking for ways to create more movement in my body, and today we’re talking to the mobility expert: Jen Esquer (AKA Doc Jen). She is the physical therapist who created The Mobility Method, an incredibly successful program that helps people relieve pain, prevent injury, and optimize movement in just 10 minutes a day.

Jen believes that, with the right information, everyone has the power to affect change in their body. Unfortunately, she can only work with so many people in person, so she created The Mobility Method to make optimizing your body more accessible – for anyone, anywhere, with almost any budget.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [2:30] Jen’s trip to Guatemala with Pencils of Promise
  • [5:00] Leaving private practice to create something bigger
  • [7:45] How your sphere of influence helps you grow (or holds you back)
  • [9:00] Getting Insta-famous
  • [15:00] The neurological side of breathwork & how to breathe
  • [22:40] How Jen creates & shares her incredibly high-quality Instagram content
  • [33:50] Collaborating with other creators
  • [38:45] Why Jen decided to create The Mobility Method
  • [43:00] The difference between stretching and activating
  • [48:00] Jen’s tips for a successful product launch (and mistakes to avoid)
  • [53:30] Dealing with the challenges of putting yourself out there on the internet (especially as a medical professional)
  • [1:04:30] Jen’s struggle with her evening and morning routine

Your Sphere of Influence

Like Jen, I decided I didn’t want to be physically tied to my business and set out to live a bigger life. I recruited the best minds on the planet to help me maximize every area of my life.

Because when you surround yourself with people who are constantly growing, when you see what’s possible just around the corner, you are driven to grow and achieve more.

Finding an Audience Online (and Becoming Insta-famous)

A few years ago, Jen had a sizeable audience, a few hundred thousand followers – and then she released an educational video that blew up and received over one million views.

As a result, Jen gained 40,000 new followers, and she’s been continuing to grow ever since.

What was the key ingredients to her success? It’s not unique, but it is critical: consistency over everything.

Since grad school, Jen has been sharing posts about fitness and, gradually, building her following. When she eventually introduced more educational content, consistency was once again what kept bringing in a new audience of people.

The viral video wasn’t planned, and there was nothing special about it compared to her other educational videos – but because she was consistently creating valuable content, she was creating more opportunities for a home run success.

Jen’s Content Creation Process for Instagram

In addition to consistency, Jen also creates some of the highest quality content I’ve ever seen in the wellness space. Here’s how she does it:

  • Jen shoots all of the video on her iPhone.
  • She then imports those clips into a video editing app called Splice, which allows her to keep the videos vertical for IG.
  • If she wants to add more effects on top of the video, such as arrows or text to add clarity, she uses Vont.
  • Then Jen finds an appropriate, eye-catching image (usually related to anatomy) and adds her video title and tag (@DocJenFit) onto the image using the app Fonto.
  • Finally, Jen uses the app Pic Stitch to put the photo next to the video, split screen style.

“I think of Instagram like a billboard. If you’re not attracting attention in the couple seconds when somebody is scrolling through, then you’re going to lose them.”

Jen batches this process to create a whole week’s worth of videos at once. She generally shoots five at a time, which actually only takes about 30 minutes because each video is only one minute long.

Something that may shock the avid Instagrammers out there: Jen gave up on hashtags! She’s experimented a lot, and what she’s found is that it takes too much time and it has almost no impact on the traction of her videos.

However, Jen has had some success with creating her own hashtags (#DocJenFit or #DocJenFlows) and encouraging people to follow them so that they don’t miss anything, even if the IG algorithm doesn’t surface that video to them.

When you break it down, the three most important things for any content on Instagram are creating something immediately eye-catching, sharing something of genuine value, and doing so consistently.

Anything else, even the best hashtag game, won’t help if you aren’t accomplishing those three things.

The Mobility Method

The impetus for creating The Mobility Method was actually the viral video that made Jen Insta-famous (in my words). It was about mobility, opening your body up, and stretching, and Jen realized that that’s what a lot of people really wanted to see.

Plus, Jen is passionate about the importance of mobility for everyone. It’s a prerequisite for anyone who wants to re-introduce exercise and training, or those looking to combat chronic pain.

If that wasn’t enough, Jen did more due diligence: she asked her followers in an Instagram Live and sent out a survey. Overwhelmingly, people said they wanted to see more about mobility.

“You have to be very connected to what you’re creating.”

Jen also nailed the landing on her product launch, and her first tip for anyone who wants to launch and market their product online is reading this book: Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams by Jeff Walker.

Walker goes through the sequence of creating the mindset behind the product that you’re about to release, strategies for promotion, and building an email list.


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