Finding & Developing Your Passion Project | Fri-Date

Apr 20, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

020: Finding & Developing Your Passion Project | Fri-Date WIth The Wifey

Today’s Topic: Finding your passion (and turning it into a business)

Today Kim and I share how a decade of failures led us to our passion business, how you can find your passion, and how you can turn that into a business (if you want to).

When people decide to start a new venture, they often ask themselves, “What does the world need?” We definitely did this for years, chasing bed bug and hemorrhoid relief businesses because they had a lot of google searches – but we had no passion for it.

Instead, ask yourself, “What makes me come alive?” What makes you passionate? What makes you focus on impacting the world? THAT is actually what the world needs.

Finding Your Passion

We did two things to narrow in on our passion and business, and these simple exercises can help you too:

  1. Make a list of things you love to do; things that you naturally do and that light you up.
  2. Ask your honest friends – people who will give you true feedback – about what you are good at, or what gift you bring into their life.

Our friends told Rob that he was inquisitive, and he does love to ask questions, and that he inspires (and pushes) them to Play Hard when they get stuck in the world of Work Hard. We took that feedback and, ultimately, created the Work Hard Play Hard podcast!

Turning It Into a Business

Start by taking a self-assessment – Something like StrengthsFinder, a test that will identify your top five strengths.

When starting a business, trying to build up your weaknesses is a waste of time. Instead, leverage your strengths and hire people to compensate for your weaknesses.

After you know what your strengths are, start formulating that idea. If you want to be a vegan chef, start flooding social media with authentic content highlighting your strengths, and then see what resonates with people. Do they love your recipes? Your videos? Your photography?

At the intersection of your passion, your strength, and audience interest is the kernel of a business you love.


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