045: Jeven Dovey | Life’s an Adventure: Travelling for Cheap & Being an Influencer (While Running a Business)

Jul 16, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast

Jeven Dovey is an adventure filmmaker and world traveler who also runs a production company (FitLife Productions) with his wife. I’ve been following Jeven for a little while online and this guy obviously understands the Work Hard Play Hard philosophy. If you check out his Instagram (@jevendovey), you’ll see this is the kind of life that most people dream about – and today we’re going to figure out how he makes it happen.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [1:55] Jeven’s childhood
  • [3:50] The crazy story about how Jeven got together with his wife
  • [6:45] How Jeven found himself filming a weed reality show
  • [8:00] Why Jeven and his wife started FitLife Productions & what they do
  • [9:50] Balancing a business with a passion for nonstop travel
  • [16:25] Being a world traveler with kids
  • [19:25] What people pay too little attention to & too much attention to while they’re travelling
  • [24:25] How Jeven gained more than 130,000 Instagram followers in less than six months
  • [29:05]
  • [31:15] Is there a significant difference between using a nice digital recorder and your smartphone?
  • [33:50] Editing in Final Cut Pro (and why Jeven almost always edits video on his computer)
  • [38:25] How living with a camera has affected Jeven’s personal life
  • [41:50] When Jeven’s drone got confiscated (and the various issues that surround travelling with a drone)
  • [49:20] Jeven’s trick for capturing a sunset
  • [50:45] Why sharing pictures of food while you travel is a good idea


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