041: David TS Wood | Live a Kickass Life with an Extraordinary State of Mind

Jul 2, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast

David Wood is a business leader, author, trainer, coach, and humanitarian who truly embodies the balanced ethos of Work Hard, Play Hard.

David has an incredible ability to not just move an audience, but get them to embrace the act of stepping out of their comfort zones – it’s like watching a beautiful magic trick when you see him do this. In this episode, David takes us on a ride, challenging our current mindset around everything from parenting to business to comfort zones.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:30] Starting a guinea pig business at age 11
  • [6:20] How a history teaching telling him he’d end up in jail changed his life entirely
  • [10:00] The playbook for being a good chimney sweep
  • [12:30] Going on a trip (and then not coming home for 10 years)
  • [20:15] Giving his kids the gift of wanderlust
  • [28:50] How Think and Grow Rich expanded David’s money mindset & growing multiple multi-million dollar companies
  • [36:50] How a T. Harv Eker event started a new career for David
  • [41:30] Creating his own personal development training
  • [46:15] Living your life in chapters
  • [51:40] Rapid-fire


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