It’s time to live!

work hard
play hard


Are you grinding 36 hrs a day, 9 days a week, crushing your goals BUT, if you’re honest, stressed out, lacking balance and true fulfillment?

Grow your business by expanding ALL areas of your life through experiential learning with the WHPH Mastermind.

This mastermind takes you out of the boring conference room and into LIFE. It will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I designed an experiential learning environment  curated to elevate your soul, take your business to a new level and blow your f’n mind. You will mastermind with an elite tribe of entrepreneurs in a way that is designed to stimulate your mind and explode your business. You will leave with new tools, clarity in your ideas, passions burning from within and valuable connections


Every aspect of this mastermind will be personally curated by Rob, including who is invited to join this elite group. People are chosen from an application process. We are selecting people who meet these qualities:


EARN AT LEAST $250,000 PER YEAR – most members are making high six/seven figures per year


THIS IS FOR HIGH VIBING, COOL PEEPS – not for scammy, sleeze-ball types just wanting to work new connections.


QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – In the spirit of TRUE masterminds, we are looking for people willing to provide value to the group within their “zone of genius”.


FULFILLMENT IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE – leads to massive success, personally and professionally. We need you ready to play full out, in every activity, conversation and experience.


MASTERMINDS ARE ABOUT COLLABORATION – Abundance is required for long term fulfillment. Simply put, we want people that want to give more than they take.


INSPIRED BY NEW PLACE – Whether you’re an experienced traveler or newbie, if you’re inspired by new cultures and new experiences, this is the place for you!



1. One on One strategy session with Rob to make sure you hit the ground running and have a clear direction for 2019.


2. THREE in-person, totally curated, experiential learning masterminds with high end entrepreneurs ready to level up their business and life. The destinations for 2018 are Southern California, New York and Florence, Italy.


3. Monthly Mastermind ZOOM call with guest celebrity entrepreneurs, custom tailored topics to meet the needs of the group in business and in life.


4. A specially matched accountability partner that changes every 90 days.


From Our Members
Rob has been impacting the lives and helping entrepreneurs ditch the 36 hour/9 day work week and find not only more success, but fulfillment in all areas of their life.
“We’ve always worked really hard, that’s never been a problem. But we found our business was stalling. Once we incorporated ‘structured play’ into our life, we took our business and our life to the next level.”
Darren White & Toni Best

Founders, Aduro

“Adding play into your life in this way, with like minded entreprenuers, allows you to go with the flow, get creative and 10X your business.”
Lori Harder

Entreprenuer, Author, The Bliss Project

“I work to get things done, but it’s not until I truly implement play that my biggest and most successful ideas come through.”
Chris Harder

Podcast Host, Entreprenuer, For the Love of Money

“When we balance what drives and inspires us with lightness, fun, and play – we grow. We grow in the sense that we cultivate new found appreciations, create new ideas, and approach our lives with greater ease and joy.”
Christine Hassler

Bestseling Author of "Expectation Hangover"


Submit your information below, and we’ll review your application. Submitting does not mean you’ll become a member or that you are guaranteed a one-on-one call. If we feel it’s a good fit, and you are comfortable paying a premium to participate in this mastermind, you will receive an email with next steps to take.
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