047: Jade Teta | Mind, Muscle, Metabolism: A Naturopath’s Perspective on Health, Relationships, & Personal Development

Jul 23, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast

Today my guest is the amazing Dr. Jade Teta, an integrated physician, author of The Metabolic Effect Diet, and a sought-after expert in the realms of metabolism and self-development. I wanted to bring Jade on the show not only because he’s insanely knowledgeable about how the body functions, but also because he knows how to explain complex ideas in plain language that we can all understand and use.

On top of that, I talked to Jade’s former wife Jill Coleman back in episod 31. Jill shared some super intimate details on the events that led to their divorce and how they’re now amazing friends. I wanted to learn more about what we can use when a relationship doesn’t work; how we can grow from it, share it, and actually still care about the other person.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [6:50] Why Jade became a doctor of naturopathy
  • [10:20] The stories we tell ourselves about what’s possible
  • [11:30] Overcoming the “dumb jock” story
  • [16:40] What exactly a Doctor of Naturopathy is
  • [21:20] Helping patients make the lifestyle and behavioral changes they need to make
  • [26:10] What exactly a metabolism is & how you can improve your metabolic health
  • [38:30] Hormonal imbalance (for men and women)
  • [51:00] When pornography can help & when it can hurt
  • [54:45] How long you should be spending in the gym if you want to drop some pounds (and the things that you should be focusing on if that doesn’t seem to be working)
  • [59:15] Bulletproof coffee: what’s real and what’s marketing?
  • [1:06:00] The value of Stoic philosophy – particularly for entrepreneurs!
  • [1:10:50] The concept of “emotional alchemy” (and how you can leverage it)
  • [1:12:25] What Play Hard means for Jade
  • [1:16:45] Why Jade is excited about enlightenment right now


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