027: Chris Ducker | Outsourcing Your Way From Work To Play

May 14, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

About 10 years ago, Chris Ducker publicly committed to getting free from his brick and mortar business and becoming a virtual CEO. And just one year later, he did it.

Chris now owns one of the most effective outsourcing companies in the world, Virtual Staff Finder, and is the Founder of the leading personal brand business education company, Youpreneur.com.

Following his journey really motivated me because I want to get free of my brick and mortar business, and I know a lot of you do, too – so this is the perfect opportunity for us all to learn more about getting levarge, together.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:35] The quote on Chris’s door: “The way to being nothing is doing thing”
  • [8:30] Telemarketing & bartending
  • [11:20] Working in the Hong Kong film industry & meeting Jet Li
  • [16:00] Launching Virtual Staff Finder
  • [17:00] Who should & shouldn’t use outsourcing
  • [18:55] The biggest mistakes people make when outsourcing
  • [20:55] What Chris does NOT outsource
  • [26:45] Living in the Philippines
  • [36:00] Starting the Virtual CEO vlog
  • [37:55] What got Chris out of his brick and mortar business
  • [44:30] How Chris overcame the darkest periods of his life
  • [49:10] Being a Youpreneur & building your authentic, no BS brand online
  • [51:40] Playing hard with the family
  • [56:30] The last time Chris cried tears of joy
  • [1:02:10] Rapid fire questions

The Cardinal Rule of Outsourcing

Chris is the king of outsourcing at this point – but there are still some things that he doesn’t outsource: anything that ONLY Chris can do.

Chris writes his content, creates his videos, and guests on podcasts because no one else can do those things.

But if it’s possible for someone else to do a task, Chris systemetizes it by creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), writing it down in granular detail, and assigning it to someone else.

When you master this simple system of prioritization and outsourcing, it guarantees that your time is only spent on the things that have the greatest return on investment for your business and life.


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