029: Cathy Savage | Lessons in Market Disruption

May 21, 2018 | Interviews, Podcast | 0 comments

We all have dreams to be successful in business, and our guest Cathy Savage has managed to rise to the top of two completely different industries: fitness and network marketing. On top of that, she’s helped Kim (that’s my wife – you can find her in our Fr-Date episodes every Friday) and I build our own multiple six figures business.

So how was Cathy able to make lightning strike twice, creating two multi-million dollar businesses? Let’s find out.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:50] Cathy’s childhood & the profound impact her dad has had on her life
  • [7:15] How Cathy is empowering her children today
  • [9:20] What Cathy Savage fitness is & why she started it
  • [12:10] How Cathy predicts & identifies trends (like being the first to offer virtual fitness coaching)
  • [14:30] Disrupting the fitness industry – twice
  • [19:05] Why gratitude is such a powerful leadership skill
  • [22:25] The components of a champion, in fitness or business
  • [24:10] Building a network marketing business
  • [32:30] When playing hard gets hard to do
  • [39:50] How Cathy drowns out the noise & resets the hard drive
  • [43:40] Questions from the audience

The Most Important Skill for Entrepreneurs

Cathy is a phenomenal business person, there’s no doubt about that – but part of the reason she has been so successful as an entrepreneur is due to when she came up with her ideas.

Cathy believes that “any entrepreneur has to have the ability to sense a need before everyone else does, and they have to solve that need before some people even see there is a need.”

If you can identify a need and then offer a solution, nothing will hold you back in business.

Coaching Makes Champions

And if you don’t have that skill already, there is still hope – you can learn!

People often ask for quick hacks or the secret sauce to success, but they don’t always love the answer: “The secret sauce is to be open and coachable to someone who has been there and done that.”


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