What If What You Want Actually Works?

What If What You Want Actually Works?

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A couple of weeks ago, I told you about a little game called stupid idea time – but for every stupid idea that might be a winner, you have to flip it around and look at it the other way, too.

What if it works?

What if the thing that we are brainstorming comes true?

I used to be a chiropractor. If I had asked myself that question before becoming one, I think I would have gotten some answers I didn’t like: you will be dealing with patients that come in every single day, with mostly the same problem, five days a week, for your entire career. 

And it would have forced me to realize that that will get a little bit monotonous after a while.

So, asking yourself the question of ‘what if it works’ gets you thinking – with the reminder of being careful what you wish for. What if I got this? What would my life be like? What would the work to earn it be like? 

It’s a great game. Think of it as a stress test.