019: Eric & Chris Martinez | Coming Back From The Edge

019: Eric & Chris Martinez | Coming Back From The Edge

Eric and Chris Martinez are serial entrepreneurs, international best-selling authors, and twins. Together, they run Dynamic Duo Training, host the Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast, and help others live a more dynamic lifestyle.

These two are rocking it right now, but getting there wasn’t easy – they had to stumble through a really dark path before they found the way.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [4:30] The 3:00 AM conversation that changed the Martinez brothers’ lives (and the dark period that followed)
  • [6:45] The turning point in their lives
  • [7:40] Dealing with negative emotions & the fitness pendulum swing
  • [9:00] Tai Lopez’s $25,000 mastermind
  • [15:50] The truth about building a business online & the darkest time in the Martinez’s business
  • [20:20] The bad habits and behaviors that Eric and Chris are currently working on
  • [25:00] What Eric & Chris are currently obsessed with, outside of work
  • [31:15] Relationships & business
  • [33:00] How a morning routine helps you look better, feel better, and be healthier
  • [35:00] How Cole Hatter inspired the Martinez brothers to travel to Mexico to help orphans (and why they continue to give back)
  • [38:45] Advice for someone starting an online business

A Life-Changing Night

Eric & Chris were only 17 when, just three days before Christmas, a chaplain and highway patrol officer knocked on their door. Their father had been killed in a car accident, “and from that moment our life pretty much turned around in a 360.”

They lost their father, and as a result it felt like they lost part of their mother. Ultimately, they lost their role models.

The Martinez brothers realized they were going down a dark path, and they were lucky enough to meet their first mentor. He taught them the science behind fitness and body composition, and that really laid the foundation for their careers.

A Life-Changing Mastermind

The Martinez brothers really took mentorship to the next level when they joined Tai Lopez’s mastermind. They had to offer up a whopping $25,000 to join – it was scary, but it felt like the step they needed to take.

And, in the end, “it was probably one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

It didn’t teach them one strategy to completely transform their business, but it did completely transform their mindset.

“The mindset we acquired from Tai Lopez’s mastermind is just relentless, it’s unstoppable. Nothing is going to stop us from attaining our vision and impacting the world in what we’re set out to do.”

The New Era of Fitness

If you’re an entrepreneur putting health on the backburner, then Eric & Chris Martinez have a message for you: STOP!

“Put health at the forefront. After that, you can focus on your wealth, your love, and your happiness… but today, I see so many people putting their health on the backburner because they aren’t seeing some sort of ROI coming out of that.”

To help, the Dynamic Duo are giving away a free book: The New Era of Fitness. You can get your FREE copy at theneweraoffitness.com.