– Savannah Hamilton

“Working with Rob has been, by far, one of the best decisions I have made in building my brand. He is well versed and connected in all business aspects, which to someone in the beginning stages of building their brand, is paramount as he holds a wealth of knowledge to pull and grow from.

If he doesn’t know something, he will go the extra mile to find the answer himself or someone who does. He is a forward-thinking business leader that doesn’t allow you to sit idle and play small, kicks your ass when need be, yet fosters warm inspiration and encouragement at the same time.

You can’t go wrong with him, I only wish you would have hired him sooner!”

– Mike Parnell

“Rob challenged me to think bigger than I was capable at the time, to what my life and purpose could be. With that wider lens, I’ve been able to set and accomplish larger goals, while maintaining an equal focus on fulfillment and happiness, in true work/life rhythm.”

– Nick Ofak

“After joining this program, it became crystal clear that I must host my own podcast. I had an idea for nearly a year that came to light through Kim’s clarity ideation session and Rob’s ability to make me see what it is that I genuinely wanted. Wow, what a team and the inspiring community that comes with it. I can easily write another paragraph about this program.”

– Heumannnn

I first heard Rob on School of Greatness and I have recommended his podcast to all my friends and family! He asks the best questions because he does such diligent research prior to his interviews. He digs deeper than any other interview you’ll hear with the same guest.

I love the energy on the Fri-Date episodes with his wife, Kim! It feels like you’re sitting at their kitchen table listening to this and you can’t help but laugh with them.

HIGH SOUND QUALITY- no muffled or background noise, produced professionally!

– Tyson Derksen

Rob/Kim! I’m a regular in listening to you Fridate postcard and I love that you guys have started doing the daily date!! I enjoy that you talk about relevant topics as to what is currently going on right now I love how your relationship shines through in the show. I’m a big fan!!!